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Update emails plugin by Nicholas Dionysopoulos

Joomla! issues bug fix and security updates every few weeks. However, many (most?) of its users are completely unaware of this fact unless they log in to the back-end of their site and notice the update nag message at the top. This PR adds a plugin which periodically checks for updated Joomla! versions and, when one is found, emails the Super Users of the site to remind them.

Plugin to gather basic anonymized data as an opt-out feature by Don Gilbert

In order to better understand our install base and end user environments, this plugin has been created to send those stats back to a Joomla controlled central server. No identifying data is captured at any point.

One of stated goals for the last couple of years has been to try to understand our users better. In line with that goal, we want to better understand the sort of environments and platforms that people are using to install and run Joomla. This will enable us to make more informed decisions about which platforms we need to support, minimum version requirements, the pace at which we can encourage people to upgrade, and so on.

In order to gather this information we will be including a new plugin with the Joomla 3.5 release that will automatically gather some very basic data points, noted below. This plugin will be enabled by default, but can be disabled at any point in time. A post-install message will be shown to make site owners aware that the plugin has been installed and will include instructions for disabling it.

The privacy of all Joomla users is important to us and we want to allay any fears that we are collecting personally identifying information. The source code for both the plugin and the server code that gathers the data can be seen in our GitHub repositories The plugin configuration screen will also show exactly what information is being shared by the plugin.

Access to the raw data collected will be restricted. Only statistical results extracted from the data will be published on the website. Categories with small numbers of entries will be gathered into an "Other" category. The unique id used to prevent duplicate entries will be carefully generated to ensure that it cannot be used to deduce the identity of any individual site. These measures should ensure that individual websites cannot be identified from the published data.

The plugin will collect anonymously the PHP, Database Type and Version and Joomla Version a user is running so that the project can set PHP and MySQL versions more accurately for future Joomla Versions.